Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?
Yes. We are not just bonded, but we also have liability, crime and employee accident coverage. Your facility, our Cleaning Techs and L&R Cleaning are included in the coverage. Insurance validation certificates are available upon request.

What if I have a security system?
Our Cleaning Techs are trained to handle different types of alarms and security systems.

What is included in the price?
All needed cleaning products, tools, and insurance.

How many people do you send to my facility or business?
Normally, we send a team of 2-4 uniformed Cleaning Techs, with name tags, including a team leader.

What if my cleaning schedule falls on a holiday?
If you get only a weekly cleaning, or if your facility is open on holidays, it will be cleaned as regularly scheduled.

Can I hire a Cleaning Tech directly?
By entering into a service agreement with L&R Cleaning, you agree not to hire a present or past L&R Cleaning staff member introduced to you by L&R Cleaning, for any commercial related service. If you do wish to employee such a staff member, our referral fee is $2,000.00.

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